Robett Hollis

Founder - Aranui Ventures

Robett Hollis is ranked as one of LinkedIn’s Top 3 Most Influential New Zealanders. Board Member of the NZ Tech Industry Association, Founder of the NZ Entrepreneurs Festival, a head judge at the Innes48 Business Startup competition and was also named on the Uber Pitch Panel.

Robett is heavily involved in the media/tech and startup ecosystem and now runs Aranui Ventures which owns several interests including FRONTSIDE, one of NZ’s leading Content Consultancy & Digital Production Agencies. AIRTIME, NZ’s Largest Action Sports Community and he also founded and expanded ColabNZ, New Zealand’s Largest Network of Creative Shared Workspaces.

Prior to Robett’s entrepreneurial ventures he was a National Champion professional snowboarder ranked 2nd in the world, Olympic Commentator, ESPN Contributor and TV Producer.

There is nothing Robett does by halves, and he can help take your company to the next level covering a range of topics – particularly focused on challenging the thinking within big Business – Culture and Alignment, True Innovation, Ideas vs Execution, Disruption and as an expert influencer on Social Media Robett understands the media landscape better than most.

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