What is a great marketing idea without great content, timing and the channels to back it up?

From awareness to advocacy, designing and mapping your customer’s journey needs to drive cut-through and establish a genuine connection. This new type of customer acts collectively in a connected community, expecting and only responding to personalised, authentic messaging. And that can be a tricky task!

EMA’s Strategic Marketing Conference will delve into the core of your brand and value proposition, and focus on marrying honest content and messaging with the experiences your customers are demanding along their entire journey.

Our expert marketing strategists, practitioners and industry leaders are from IBM, The Social Club and Rush to name a few. They will present case studies, toolkits and innovative new ideas on:

  • Crafting content and communities in a world of brutal honesty
  • How 3 of the biggest channels are evolving – email, SEO & social media
  • How to take advantage of 3rd party content
  • Building your Marketing team into an insights powerhouse
  • Byte-sized chunks vs live video – the video behemoth and how to tame it
  • Disruptive MarTech – AI & AR/VR – coffee shot case studies of how these are being applied in the real world
  • Driving creativity and innovation at the core of best marketing practice

Construct your content strategy in a way that your customers can fall in love with you!


guest Speaker Samuel Williams Founder - Partner Aamplify
guest Speaker Terry Williams-Willcock Creative Director - Rush Digital
guest Speaker Ben Markby Co-founder - Oddboy
guest Speaker Grant Osborne Market Development Manager - Ambit AI
guest Speaker Jamie McKenzie Producer/Director - Pure Productions
guest Speaker Gorran Marushich Founder - Goody Card
guest Speaker Georgia McGillivray CEO and Founder - The Social Club
guest Speaker Qassem Naim Data Strategy Director - FCB
guest Speaker Michael Friedberg Head of New Client Acquisition & Market Strategy - IBM


Day 1 14 November 2018
09:10 - 09:50

The marketing 4.0 mix – leading and growing brands within enlightened digital communities

  • Build brutal brand honesty – it is key to nurturing the right customer relationships and building stronger communities.
  • Predicting customers’ needs and making sure you’re not just their first choice, you’re their first point of research
  • Create exciting authentic content – and have a ripple effect across websites, influencer networks and wider social media.
  • Amplify the digital experience by leveraging traditional channels and in-person experiences.

Michael Friedberg, Head of New Client Acquisition & Market Strategy – IBM

09:50 - 10:30

Data and creativity: transforming your marketing with people and technology

  • Marketing should be leading the digital transformation. The why and how?
  • Unleashing data and martech to fuel your organization’s growth strategy
  • Bridging the gaps to drive change at pace and help you to better understand your customers
  • Keeping your eyes on the road guided by ‘north-star metrics’ – measuring what matters through the rise of connected devices

Qassem Naim, Data Strategy Director – FCB

10:55 - 11:35

Case-study: building influence vs. Sell, sell, sell – content that communities genuinely care about

  • What to do when the biggest drivers of business for you, are not owned by you?
  • When individuals can make or break brands? Breaking down how influence works across a community?
  • How to expand the business content strategy to incorporate influence marketing – selling the influence angle internally?
  • How to choose the right influencer networks for your brand?

Georgia Mcgillivray, CEO & Founder – The Social Club

12:15 - 12:55

Case-study: are your customers over your emails, ads and notifications? Changing the way you reach out to your customers?

  • Why the GDPR is a beacon towards massive incoming shift towards a choice-based customer relationship
  • Bulk mailing to automated targeting – why email marketing will look very different in 2020?
  • SEO – Will a good content strategy take care of searchability? As search gets more intelligent, why going back to your core content message becomes more important.
  • Social media – why it will get harder to make it work for business. What are the alternatives?
13:45 - 14:25

When 80% of all traffic is video, what can help you rise above the noise??

  • Choosing the right video length for the right channel – byte sized vs long form video content and their use cases
  • Planning for live video in your content strategy – sounds counter-intuitive but will pack a massive engagement punch
  • ‘It’s out of my budget’ – how to jump the time, budget and resources hurdle when it comes to embracing video in your strategy?

Jamie Mckenzie, Producer/Director – Pure Productions

15:15 - 15:55

The genius of mad-men to the precision of algorithms – a new breed of creativity in a world of automation, ai and the internet of things.

  • The enhanced role of creativity and design in the digital experience economy
  • How to optimise creative resources with advances in intelligent automation that can deliver personalised content at scale
  • Creating brand awareness and delivering engagement within communities of connected people, devices, objects and wearables.

Terry Williams-Willcock, Creative Director – Rush Digital



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