Michael Friedberg

Head of New Client Acquisition & Market Strategy - IBM

With over 20 years’ experience in marketing, primarily focussed in the tech sector, Michael has seen a huge amount of change but nothing that compares to the last 5 years.  His roles over this time have reflected the challenges faced by organisations as they digitally transform to meet the ever-demanding needs of their customers, patients and citizens.  Currently he runs a team that identify customer needs, at a buyer level, and designs marketing programs that not only capture the hearts and minds of “new to IBM” customers but have them coming back for more.  To do this he has built an IBM “first of a kind” strategy identifying the personas, empathy maps, buyer journeys, segments, offerings and selling ecosystem needed to reach whole new parts of the market. Having set up a “start-up” marketing team tasked with winning new business, there has been some success, lots of learnings and much more to do.

As the team builds programs to reach new buyers it has become abundantly clear the role the IBM brand plays in making an emotional connection.  For a BIG brand like IBM the test comes in making it feel relevant for new buyers…no easy feat.  The brand, and all its touchpoints, is where the rubber hits the road for all customers BUT especially for new ones.  While journey mapping is crucial to understand how you can influence, and improve, the customer experience, the challenge lies in looking for additional ways your audience can experience the brand.  It’s these interactions that marketing can plan for, execute and refine to ensure customers not only have a great buying experience but an amazing Brand Experience.

This is the brave new world of marketing…. where no 2 days are the same, where “digital” requires us to step up, move fast and deliver profitable growth alongside an outstanding customer experience.


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